Bob Underwood Memorial Shield

With heavy rain forecast and hardly any wind, six skippers turned out for this year’s Bob’s Revenge competition.

Apologies were received from Phil Parsons.

The format for this annual memorial competition is to alternate from the normal racing course to circumnavigation of the lake,

which was the late Bob Underwood’s favourite race.

The "standard" course was set from the pontoon and Buoy 1 to Buoy 7 sailing port to Buoy 3 then returning to Buoy 1 before finishing at Buoy 8. Due to the lack of breeze and the need to complete as many races as possible, it was decided to restrict each race to one lap. The alternate round-the-lake races started from the same place on a counter clockwork course and again finished at Buoy 8 after the completion of one lap.

Brian Hartley got off to a great start by winning two of the first three races and finishing second in the other. Defending champion Roger Monks had a disastrous start after retiring with Paul Beardshaw from the first race but managed to win the second and the fourth. George Younger and Stuart Axon finished second and third respectively in races 1 and 3. Paul again retired from the third race with problems due to rigging problems.

Dave Johnston was a welcome winner of race six after struggling in the early races. It was good to see him at the lake after such a long absence.

The forecasted heavy rain started and coffee was taken after the first six races with Brian taking a convincing lead, which he then strengthened by winning four of the remaining legs and was a convincing winner of the Shield. Roger was this year’s runner-up with Paul claiming the third place.

It was a pleasure to see Mrs Underwood again who presented the prizes and the Shield to the winner Brian.

Many thanks to Mrs Underwood for her continued support and to John Foster for giving up his time to be our Officer of the Day and Official Scorer on such a wet occasion.

And so we begin

Brian being chased by the ducks


Why won't you leave us alone?


Brian chasing Roger
Brian chasing Paul


All the chasing paid off - Well done Brian