A total of  SIX  rounds will be sailed, with SIX races being sailed EACH week, best FOUR rounds to count.   The same yacht must be sailed in each round, unless mechanical problems cannot be repaired at the lakeside.  
7 Skippers turned up on a rather cloudy and dry morning with a little bit of a breeze blowing across the lake.  It was meant to be a free sailing day today, but after little discussion amongst the group it was voted to start the series.  The course started from Marks 5 and 6, heading to Windward Mark 1, then on to Mark 4 at Brant's Landing, across to Mark 5, down to Mark 6 for 2 laps, finishing from Mark 6 to Mark 8 and the Lectern.  

It was a fairly scattered finish line throughout the fleet, however as usual Brian's boat found enough wind to see him through 1st place in 3 races, Dave finished 1st in race 2, Paul taking 1st in race 3 and Roger taking 1st in the last race.


Following several postponements due to the weather, 7 Skippers turned out on a very cold and dull morning.  A fair breeze covered the lake, although becoming unpredictable from about race 3.  A course was set starting from Mark 7 and the corner of the Landing Stage, heading to Windward Mark 3, heading down to Mark 2, leading off across the lake to Mark 6, heading down to Mark 7 for 2 laps, finishing from Mark 7 to between Mark 8 and the Lectern.

Different finish to Round 1 as Dave takes 1st place in 3 races, with Brian hot on his heels with two 1st place finishes in races 3 and 4 with Roger finishing 1st in race 1.

Due to the cold weather and a threat of rain heading over, we decided to complete all 6 races in one stint.


Here is a report for round 3 based on the score sheet data only.

It appears that the day was rather consistent in wind conditions, with boat numbers reflecting slightly variant finishing positions. 6 skippers sailed on the day with Brian taking three 1st place finishes in races 1, 5 and 6, Roger with two 1sts in races 3 & 4 with a second in race 1.  It appears some technical issues followed due to 2 non start races which has been confirmed by Roger. 

Vic managed to get a 1st in race 2 and three 2nds in races 4, 5 and 6. Unfortunately I have no course information at the present time.


Here is a report for round 3 based on the score sheet data only.

Five skippers sailed on the day, which following reports from Brian was a very frustrating day despite the sunshine, with fluky winds at 20mph gusting to 27mph. 

The course started at mark 6 and up to mark 2 then 3 then 5 then 6 for two laps.

Looking at the finishing positions both Paul and Vic got two 1st place finishes, with Paul in races 1 and 6 and Vic in races 2 and 4 however over the six races Vic had stronger finishing positions over Paul.  Brian managed to get a first in 3 and as did Dave in race 5.  Roger appeared to be struggling with a second place in race 4 and 5 and a 3rd in race 1, but the rest of his finishes at the back of the fleet.


Six skippers turned up on a fairly sunny and breezy day, yet it was full of unpredictability as usual. The course for the first three races was a clockwise triangle starting from Mark 7 and the corner of the jetty, heading to Mark 1, then to Mark 3, across the lake and down to Mark 7 for two laps, finishing from Mark 7 to Mark 8 and the Lectern. The second course was a figure of 8 same start line as the previous course, heading to Mark 2, down to Mark 1, then across the lake and up to Mark 6, down to Mark 7 for two laps with the same finish line.
Vic did really well sailing the first 3 races finishing in 1st in each race with Dave picking up the pace in the last 3 races finishing 2 firsts and a second, unfortunately it wasn't enough to beat Vic but came in a good second place for the day, Paul also did well managing to get 3rd overall for the day. The "lucky puffs" were not in much favour for Brian today, with him finishing mainly in mid-fleet. Still all to play for in the top 3 positions for the final round, will Brian manage to hold on to his first place on the leader board, or will Dave and Vic battle it out of his hands? with scores this close together who knows what will happen. 


A good turnout this week, Tony had fitted his new sailwinch and was ready to go, and we all welcomed a new skipper to the fleet, Geoff Figgett.  The line honours this week went to Roger, winning 3 of the 6 races, with Paul recording a win in race 5, and Dave in race 6.  Good fortune did not smile on Brian as his jib boom swivel broke in race 4  which prevented him sailing in races 5 and 6.   But, as you can see from the result sheet below, he managed to fight off the opposition winning by one of the closest finishes we have had in this series.  Well done Brian "Jammy" Hartley.