A total of  SIX  rounds will be sailed, with SIX races being sailed EACH week, best FOUR rounds to count.  

The same yacht must be sailed in each round, unless mechanical problems cannot be repaired at the lakeside.  


It has been a long time since ten One Metre yachts competed on the Bridlington lake but today saw the start of the new Frostbite Series with a healthy fleet competing in blustery winds which appeared to be swirling from all directions.

A triangular course was set from the start at the podium and Buoy 7, diagonally across the lake to Buoy 3 then along the far side to Buoy 5 and back down to Buoy 7. After two laps the finish was from Buoy 7 to the usual line at Buoy 8.

Neil Thornton got off to a flying start by winning the first race after a close battle with Brian Hartley and Paul Beardshaw. After that close encounter, he won the remaining races comfortably achieving a clean sweep and maximum points for the day. Paul took the overall second place with Brian third.

There were several collisions, breakages and groundings around the troublesome Buoys 3 and 5 where the wind gusted unpredictably and caused some unfortunate skippers to lose control (and tempers!) but it was an enjoyable dayís sailing on the whole, with only minor repairs required by some before Round 2 next week.


Round 2 of the 2018 Frostbite Series was held with nine skippers braving the cold on a dry day, but with a swirling wind that couldnít make its mind where and when to blow. There was a warm welcome to guest Scarborough skipper Peter Walkinshaw who was suffering withdrawal symptoms due to the dreaded Wykeham weed problem.

An unusual course was set around all the buoys starting from between Buoys 6 and 7 to Buoy 1, up to Buoy 3, across to Buoy 5 and back to 7. After two painful laps the finish was from Buoy 7 to the usual finishing line at Buoy 8.

Race 1 saw Paul Beardshaw get off to a flying start but was caught and passed by Neil Thornton on the far side of the lake. Roger Monks came in third with Brian Hartley fourth. It was good to see ever improving Stuart Axon taking fifth place in the first two races.

Brian Hartley won Race 2 pushing Neil into second after a very close finish and with Roger again in third place. Paul did the same in Race 3 by just keeping ahead of Neil on the finish line. Race 4 was won by Phil Parsons who had a mixed day which was confirmed by him coming ninth in the following race.

After winning the final two races, Neil comfortably took the honours for the day, and claimed the maximum points. Paul grabbed second place closely followed by Brian in third and Roger fourth.


Six brave (perhaps foolhardy) skippers braved a cold damp day and competed in Round 3 of this seasonís Frostbite Series. A fairly strong south easterly breeze created a lake of two distinctive halves split diagonally, with the area around Buoy 3 almost requiring number 2 rigs whilst the opposite side around Buoy 7 was flat calm.

A triangular course was set starting from between Buoys 5 and 6, across to Buoy 1, up to Buoy 3 and back to Buoy 5. After the second lap, the finish was from Buoy 5 to the usual Buoy 8 finish line.

The first race proved to be a problem for John who appeared to run aground near the start and for Phil who jumped the start and failed to return. Stuart who had been the first at the lake had set up with his number 2 rig and soon found the his boat struggled being underpowered. Neil once again had a good day by winning four of the six races with Phil and Paul winning the other two. As the breeze faded a little so did Stuartís power and he sadly retired after the first couple of races.

The day finished up with yet again another maximum tally for Neil Thornton, another second place for Paul Beardshaw and third place for George Younger. There wonít be any further rounds for at least two weeks as we all celebrate during the festive period.

Finally, best wishes to all yachting skippers and to all members. Have a great Christmas and a very happy and prosperous New Year.


With the festive celebrations well out of the way, Round 4 of this seasonís Frostbite Series got under way on a bright and fairly mild day with a moderate breeze which for once seemed evenly spread over the lake.

A triangular course was set from the podium and Buoy 7, diagonally across to Buoy 3, then back to Buoys 6 and 7 for the usual two laps and again finishing from Buoy 7 to the line at Buoy 8.

Paul Beardshaw had a great start winning the first three races ahead of Brian Hartley in second place. Brian reversed those positions in race 4 with Roger winning race 5 pushing Brian into 2nd place again. George Younger and Roger Monks battled with each other for the most of the day, with Roger just inching in front on the points due to his win in Race 5. John Wray had a late challenge in the final race when he came a close second behind Paul, but was let down by earlier results and ended up in fourth place behind Roger Monks.

Stuart Axon had mixed results, and on a few occasions lost ground after being well placed but saved his day with a close finish in Race 3 when he just beat George over the line ending in 5th place .

Full points go to Paul this week with Brian second on the day and Roger just in third.

  Frostbite Series 2018
  Rounds in Series 6      
  No. Best Scores 4      
                BEST 4 TOTAL POINTS
1 Paul Beardshaw 9 9 9 10     37
2 Neil Thornton 10 10 10       30
3 George Younger 7 5 8 7     27
4 Brian Hartley 8 8   9     25
5 Phil Parsons 6 4 7       17
6 Roger Monks 2 7   8     17
7 Stuart Axon 3 3 5 5     16
8 John Wray 4   6 6     16
9 Colin Mason 5 2         7
10 Peter Walkinshaw   6         6
11 Mike More 1           1
12 Simon Booth