A total of  SIX  rounds will be sailed, with SIX races being sailed EACH week, best FOUR  rounds to count.    The same model yacht must be sailed in each round.    
Six skippers turned up on a bright and sunny day, wind condition was light and temperamental in some places.  After a couple of test laps it was decided to opt for a triangular course starting between Marks 1 and 2, then to Mark 7 across to the opposite corner to Mark 3, back to Mark 1 for 2 laps finishing from Mark 1 to between Mark 8 and Pontoon. 
All in all it was a good start to the Spring Splash with Brian Hartley sailing his new boat "81" and achieving 1st place in races 1, 2 and 5, and 2nd place in race 3 giving him 1st overall.  Very close sailing on the day by Tony Watts and Dave Johnston, with one point between them after the six races, Tony Watts getting 1st in races 3 and 6, 2nd place in the 1st race and 3rd in race 4 and two 5th place finishes (one discard) giving him a score of 12 and overall position of 3rd. 
Dave Johnston shows consistency by getting four 2nd place finishes in races 2, 4, 5 and 6 and a 3rd place finish in the 1st race, which was enough to give him a score of 11 and sneak into 2nd position overall.


Very fluky  east south east wind, so we sailed a triangle consisting of Start One and Two down to Six then to Three then One, with two rounds. 

Paul had some bad luck with his Sail winch which packed up completely before the start of racing !  Vic Meek was on form today winning races 1, 4, and 5

Roger won races 2, and 6. The series continues with plenty of points still up for grabs.


7 Skippers turned up on the day, greeted by a cold misty morning and very light wind conditions, meaning slow racing to start with and slight increase in wind by the end. A triangular course was made, consisting of Marks 1 and 2 for the start, followed by Mark 6 heading back to Mark 3 and back down to Mark 1, finishing from Mark 1 to Mark 8 and Pontoon for 2 lap racing.
Even though the racing was slow paced, there was a lot of battling seen for positions especially round the Marks and the finishing positions shows how the day panned out. Paul Beardshaw placing 1st in the first race followed by Roger Monks in 2nd and Brian Hartley in 3rd. Brian Hartley placed 1st in races 2, 4 and 6 with 2nd place in races 3 and 5. Roger Monks gets a 1st place finish in race 5 with 2nd place finishes in races 1,2, and 6. The points table is showing a slight gap after the 3rd round though still a lot of points to play for in the next 3 rounds. Unfortunately Tony Watts had to retire early due to the sheet lines coming off his winch, hopefully we will see him sailing again for round 4.


Its rare to have a day when its both sunny and with a breeze at the same time, however these were the conditions for the day.   9 skippers showed up for a rather unpredictable day of sailing.  The wind was fluky across the lake so it was decided to use a triangular course starting from Marks 6 and 7, travelling diagonally to Mark 3 with a 180 degree turn round the buoy to port, returning back to Mark 7, up to Mark 5, back across to Mark 3 to Mark 7 for two laps, once we rounded Mark 5 we then came down to the finish line using Mark 8 and the pontoon.
It was good to see Tony Friston and Tony Ingle sailing, unfortunately Tony Friston had to retire early after the second race due to his boat going out of control on several occasions, he then assisted with the scores and controlling the start for the 3 races after lunch.
We saw first place being shared between Roger Monks and Brian Hartley over the 6 races, with Roger taking race 1 and 3 and Brian taking race 2 and 5.  Vic Meek finishing 1st in race 4 and Tony Watts 1st in race 6.  Over the course of the finishing positions in 6 races it appears overall that Vic Meek wins the points though the points were very close throughout the day, we see on the table that the points are starting to close back up, so still plenty to play for.


7 Skippers turned up on a nice sunny warm morning, with gusty winds forecast for the day (Ha ha not on our lake), wind was as fluky as normal with a fair breeze at times.
A triangular course was set out for 2 laps, using Marks 1 and 2 for the start line, leading to Mark 6 then heading back to Mark 3, down to Mark 1, finishing from Mark 1 to Mark 8 and the Podium. The racing was close throughout and it appears Brian Hartley secured another 1st place on the points table after 4 1st place finishes on the day.
Lets see what happens in the final round next week.


Tuesday 3rd June a heavy shower day with hardly a breathe of wind with the lake surface like a mirror!  Not to be deterred  seven skippers tried their luck at trying to sail taking about 45mins to finish the first race with Roger the victor, with great skill and patience Paul won race three.  We all tried very hard to sail in these conditions but after two one lap races it was decided to abandon the last three until next week.
Tuesday 10th June  What a cracking day lovely warm sunshine ,and a good SW breeze.  We opted to sail a course starting at 5 and 6 and the windward mark was set as 2 then down to 7 up to 5 and back to 2.  Roger was in good form again and won race four with Brian taking races 5 and 6.

Report by Brian Hartley


Congratulations from the B.M.B.S. Yacht Captain Simon Booth to Brian Hartley  -  1st place in the points table

Roger Monks 2nd place, and Vic Meek 3rd place.


  Spring Splash 2013
  Rounds in Series 6      
  No. Best Scores 4      
                BEST 4 TOTAL POINTS
1 Neil Thornton 100 100 89 100 100 100 400
2 Andy Green 93   100 89 90 89 372
3 Roger Monks 85 90 66 33 70   311
4 Brian Hartley 70 80 78 66 20 55 294
5 Tony Watts 78 70   55 80 66 294
6 Vic Meek 33 20 55 78 50 78 261
7 Dave Johnston 40 60 33 33 40 10 173
8 Bob Moakes 63 50 44       157
9 Colin Mason 25 40 10 10 30 21 116
10 Maurice Walker       55   55 110
11 Tom Willgoss         70 33 103
12 Simon Pritchard 10 30     20   60
13 Tony Ingle 48 10         58
14 Jeff Kenworthy 55           55
15 Tony Friston     21       21
16 Harry Sissling 18           18


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