A total of  SIX  rounds will be sailed, with SIX races being sailed EACH week, best FOUR  rounds to count.   

The same model yacht must be sailed in each round.  



Another pleasant dry day at the lake with a North West wind that sometimes gusted which picked up as the day progressed.  Eight yachts one the water at the start of the session.  Roger Monks only managed two races, Brian Joyce was forced to retire after race four because of a mechanical problem, as for the yacht captain he should have retired at the beginning and kept out of the way, as he had a disastrous day, but that is not unusual for him.

Some close racing with Roger Crates dominating the wins, Paul Vale had a couple of wins , Tim Gregg and Stuart Axon also had wins.  George Younger recently back from a world cruise didn't have any wins, but he did manage a couple of second places, he tried to blame it on "Jet Lag" but I suspect it was the effects of the Saki wearing off as it flows freely on Saga Cruise Liners.

Our session on the water was marred by a scale electric model boat being inconsiderately raced around the lake at considerable speed during a despite the sailing course being posted on the board near the harbour area and the podium. Other regular scale members observe the notifications and events co-exist harmoniously with both factions observing their boundaries.

Long may the good weather continue.

Report by Mike Alliston B.M.B.S. Yacht Captain.

  Spring Splash 2024
  Rounds in Series 6      
  No. Best Scores 4      
                BEST 4 TOTAL POINTS
1 Paul Vale 100 87 87 100 74 74 522
2 Roger Crates 55 100 100   100 100 455
3 George Younger 87 74 61 49 61 87 420
4 Stewart Axon 23 61 49 87 87 61 368
5 Tim Gregg 36 49 36 74 49 49 293
6 Mike Alliston 74 36 23    36 36 205
7 Roger Monks 49   74       123
8 Brian Joyce 10 23   61     94