A total of  SIX  rounds will be sailed, with SIX races being sailed EACH week, best FOUR rounds to count.   The same yacht must be sailed in each round, unless mechanical problems cannot be repaired at the lakeside.  


Round 1 of the 2019 Summer Series finally got under way on a hot but overcast morning with the threat of thunder storms in the air until the sun came out after the first hour or so. There was a sufficient breeze coming from the South East to keep us all moving and the normal triangular course was set starting from between Buoys 1 and 2 to Buoys 7, 3 and back to Buoy 1.

Roger Monks took an early lead in the first race and maintained it to finish first with George Younger in chase finishing second. Paul Beardshaw won Race 2 with George again finishing second. John Wray finished third after chaos at Buoy 7 on the first lap which resulted in numerous penalty turns and choice comments from the fleet – all in good humour of course. Roger and Paul shared the wins in the remaining races with Phil Parsons, George, John and Stuart Axon all experiencing various positions after some close racing. Brian Hartley unusually suffered from technical problems and struggled throughout the day.

Both Roger and Paul finished up with equal points both having won three races each but on the countback system Roger edged in front after his 2nd place in Race 4. George finished in an excellent third place with John Wray fourth just ahead of Phil. The ever improving Stuart Axon was unlucky to be pipped from the last spot by the struggling Brian Hartley.

Its only Round 1 though and I’m sure there will be some different scores to come in the next rounds.


The second round of the 2019 Summer Series was held on a warm sunny day with a good south-westerly breeze on the lake. An unusual course was set from the start between Buoys 5 and 6 diagonally across to Buoy 1, then to Buoy 2 and back to Buoy 5. We then sailed to Buoy 6 for the second lap and finished from Buoy 6 to the usual finish line at Buoy 8. There was some good, close racing which resulted in the first four places for the day being separated by single points,

Paul Beardshaw got off to a flying start by winning the first race with Phil Parsons in second place and Brian Hartley in third – his best position for the day. Last week’s winner Roger Monks had technical problems and failed to finish but came back strongly to win the next three races with Paul, Phil and George Younger taking the second spots respectively. The last two races saw close fought battles between George and Paul with George being the victor in both, after Paul stalled within a metre of the finish line, allowing George to skilfully nip over the line in first place in the fifth.

At the end of the day, Roger took the honours again by beating Paul by one point. George was a close third and Phil fourth. Brian Hartley was again suffering from set up problems and Stuart Axon had a bad day at the office with technical problems too.


The third round of this year’s Summer Series was held today in bright warm sunshine, and a fair nor’ westerly breeze blowing across the lake. A figure of eight course was set from the start between the pontoon and Buoy 7 and round Buoys 3, 1, 5 and back to Buoy7. After two laps the usual finish line was at Buoy 8.

Series leader Roger Monks got off to a great start by winning the first race of the day with Phil second across the line. Paul Beardshaw won the second ahead of Roger and George. Stuart Axon finished in fifth place ahead of recently out of form Brian Hartley. Battery problems for Roger saw an early coffee break for replacements to be fitted, and allowed Jammy to make a few alterations to his rig. He must have done something right because the resumption of the competition saw him take the lead in Race 3 and win ahead of Paul. In the fourth race, Roger missed Buoy 3 on the first lap and retired from the race to make adjustments, whilst it was Phil Parsons turn to take the first place, with newly improved Brian second. Paul sneaked in front of Brian in race five with George Younger in third. In the final race, Roger once again finished first.

A variety of winners resulted in the final scores of Paul achieving 9pts, Brian 12, Roger 13, Phil 15, George 18 and Stuart 28 giving Paul the maximum points of the day.

Its the halfway point in the Series and it looks like Mr Hartley is back but there is still a long way to go yet.


A change from the usual triangular course was made for Round 4 at the lake today. There appeared to be a reasonable breeze from the South West, so the start was from between the pontoon and Buoy 7, over the lake to Buoy 3, down to Buoy 8 and then up to Buoy 5 before returning to Buoy 7 and to the finish line at Buoy 8 after two laps.

Back on form Brian Hartley got off to a flying start by winning the first two races, with Paul Beardshaw second in Race 1 and Roger Monks second in Race 2.  Stuart Axon finished a creditable third an the first race and Phil Parsons third in the next. In Race 3, George Younger led the fleet over the line, whilst Brian, Paul and again George won races four, five and six respectively.

Brian was the clear winner for the day, confirming his return to form whilst Roger Monks had a bad day by his standards, and ended up in the fourth position. Paul finished 2nd giving him a lead in the series so far but as the final placings are based on the best four rounds, the competition is still wide open.


Only five skippers took part in Round 5 of this year’s Summer Series. The course was from the pontoon and Buoy 7, to Buoy 3, then unusually to Buoys 8 and 5 before returning to Buoy 7 for the second lap. The finish was the usual Buoy 8.

There was a moderate warm South Westerly breeze on the lake again this week which made sailing comfortable but unpredictable due to the lack of definite and constant wind direction. No doubt Stuart Axon was envious of the balmy conditions whilst on holiday in Corsica and wishing he was here instead.

Current Series leader Paul Beardshaw got off to a flying start by winning the first race by a very healthy margin with back in form Brian Hartley coming home in second place and Roger Monks third. The second race was a carbon copy of the first with everyone in the same finishing positions and in the third race, Paul and Brian had a close finish with Paul again the victor by inches at the line. Phil Parsons squeezed into third place just ahead of George Younger who was struggling to catch the wind today.

After the coffee break, Paul increased his lead with another win ahead of Roger with Brian in third place but in Race 5, Jammy found his form and crossed the line in first place ahead of Paul, George, Roger and Phil. The final race saw Paul once again finishing first ahead of Roger this time with Brian in third place.

With five wins on the day, Paul took the honours with Brian ending in the second spot ahead of Roger. With one round left in the Series, however, the first place still hasn’t been secured by anyone and all is to race for next week.


The final round of this year’s Summer Series was held today in very light winds which made sailing difficult. It was a pleasure to welcome Simon Booth back into the fleet after a long absence due to work commitments.

With the Series leader still to be confirmed, it was all to play for between Paul Beardshaw and Roger Monks for the first place. Brian Hartley would be unable to overtake them due to his uncharacteristic poor results in the first two rounds. Due to the general lack of wind on the far side of the lake, a narrow triangular course was set from the pontoon and Buoy 7 to Buoys 2 and 1 before returning to Buoy 7 for two laps and then sailing back to Buoy 8 for the finish.

Roger got off to a great start in Race 1 but inexplicably sailed the wrong way round Buoy 7 on the first lap leaving Brian ahead until he too fell foul of Buoy 2 after a mistake by George Younger forced him on the wrong side off the buoy. The light winds made penalty turns put an end to the challenge of the offending boat and both Roger and Brian suffered as a result leaving Paul to win almost by default.

Brian came back strongly and was a clear winner in the next three races with Paul, George and Roger taking the second places respectively, whilst Roger’s challenge seemed to grind to a halt after rigging problems slowed his progress.

Stuart Axon was unlucky in Race 4 when confusion arose over which lap he was on caused him to sail off course to the finish line, thereby surrendering his second place which would have been his best position of the day. George Younger was the victor in Race 5 and Brian returned to his winning ways in the last race of the series. Simon was struggling due to battery and rudder problems probably caused by such a long lay off but hopefully will be overcome in his next outing.

As the results table shows, the final placings were very close with Paul and Brian finishing on equal points for the best four rounds. After the countback of discarded rounds, congratulations for this years winner go to Paul with Brian taking the runner up position.


  Summer Series 2019
  Rounds in Series 6      
  No. Best Scores 4      
                BEST 4 TOTAL POINTS
1 Paul Beardshaw 9 9 10 9 10 9 38
2 Brian Hartley 5 6 9 10 9 10 38
3 Roger Monks 10 10 8 7 8 7 36
4 George Younger 8 8 6 8 6 8 32
5 Phil Parsons 6 7 7 5 7   27
6 Stuart Axon 4 5 5 6   6 22
7 John Wray 7           7
8 Simon Booth           5 5




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